• Autism Evenings
    Autism Evenings

Autism Events

Having signed the autism charter we are working to become an integral part of Liverpool’s autism friendly city.

We are an autism friendly venue and we offer special autism sessions on the last Wednesday of each month between 16:30 and 18:30, where capacity is limited to ensure a calm and relaxed experience for all guests (please note these sessions must be booked in advance via our online booking system - select the autism option from the drop down menu and then select your visit date and ticket types). 

At Mattel Play! we often welcome children with autism during our opening hours – but we do realise that a busy attraction isn’t always a comfortable or viable option. As such, we want to encourage the notion that fun here is available for everyone.

Sessions will be held between 16.30 and 18.30 on the last Wednesday of each month and will be half price for playing customers at £7, each of whom can bring two carers free of charge. Additional carer places can then be purchased at our standard adult rate of £3.

Certain aspects of the attraction, such as loud music and character appearances, will be available for customisation to ensure everyone has a comfortable time. Most importantly of all, there will be more space for everyone to enjoy themselves!

For those with autism who wish to attend at other times, we advise coming along at 9:20am any day of the week for a quieter and more relaxed experience.