Terms & Conditions

1.0 Terminology

1.1 In these Terms and Conditions, the following words shall have the following meanings:

“The Park” means Mattel Play! Liverpool

“Company” means Heritage Brand Ventures Limite

“Contract” means these Terms and Conditions

“Management” means the Management of Mattel Play! Liverpool

“Park Staff” means the staff, employees and representatives of Mattel Play! Liverpool

“Guests” means the company, firm or individuals present within The Park.

“Ticket” means the entry ticket/wristband and respective cost of that ticket into The Park.

2.0 General

2.1 The management will attempt to ensure that as many attractions as possible are open for use by guests, however The Management reserves the right to alter or change the programmes of attractions if at any time it is deemed necessary to do so.

2.2 All persons visiting The Park are admitted subject and agreeing to the Contract.

2.3 The Management reserves the right to not issue any refunds.

2.4 The attractions are provided for the sole use of paying customers only although some of the attractions will only be suitable for use by small children.

2.5 Although we provide staff to monitor usage of the attractions as well as having access to first aid facilities, it is the responsibility of parents or guardians to supervise their children at all times, ensuring all safety rules and procedures are followed whilst using the facilities at Mattel Play! Liverpool.

2.6 Children who are not well are advised not to use these facilities

2.7 Only food and drink purchased at Mattel Play! Liverpool may be consumed on this site. Though there may be exceptions for baby food/milk or snacks for children with allergies, etc.

2.8 Food, drink, sweets, chewing gum, or any hard/sharp objects MUST not be taken into the attractions areas.

2.9 All items, belongings and other property brought on to The Park by guests shall be at such guest’s own risk and The Park accepts no liability for the loss or damage to such property. As such The Park advises that guests do not bring valuables to The Park. Guests may leave all pushchairs and buggies at a designated area subject to availability.

2.10 No dogs are allowed anywhere on the park, except for assistance dogs.

2.11 We take any form of physical or verbal abuse directed towards customers or staff very seriously and will prosecute if deemed necessary.

3.0 Tickets

3.1 All guests entering the activity areas must have a valid admission ticket/wristband that must be retained throughout their visit.

3.2 Tickets are not transferable and accordingly may not be sold or passed on to any third party.

3.3  Tickets are sold on the understanding that no money in respect of unused tickets will be reimbursed.

3.4  Lost or stolen tickets will not be replaced.

3.5 Tickets purchased online are non-refundable and non-transferable.

3.6 The Management are not obliged to refund monies or exchange tickets.

3.7 Attractions may be unavailable at any time for technical or operational reasons.

3.8 Tickets purchased online entitle the purchaser to the same rights as pay-on-the-day tickets.

3.9 Timed sessions will be in operation at peak times. These sessions will be strictly limited to a maximum of two hours and must be adhered to at all times.

4.0 Pass-outs

4.1 A wristband will be issued at the time of purchase allowing the holder to leave and re-enter the park on the date of visit during off peak periods only when times sessions are not in operation.

5.0 Health and Safety

5.1  The guest shall pay for the cost of repairing any damage maliciously caused to the property or contents of The Park and The Company and its guests.

5.2 Guests are required to abide by safety instructions issued by staff or detailed on signage at all times.

5.3 The Company reserves the right to evacuate The Park in the event of a fire alarm, or other emergency irrespective of whether it is a genuine emergency or not, in order to protect all guests, Management and Park staff and in this event, does not accept liability for any delay or is liable to refund part or all of the ticket.

5.4 Staff trained in First Aid will be on duty and able to assist at all times.

5.5 CCTV cameras are used to assist in the proper running of The Park and to ensure the safety and security of all guests and staff.

5.6 The Park operates a strict No Smoking policy and this applies also to e-cigarettes.

6.0 Photography

6.1 From time to time Mattel Play! Liverpool or other authorised parties carry out photography and/or video recording within The Park, which may feature visitors. This is used for promotional purposes only. Please advise a member of management or staff if you do not wish for either your child or yourself to be featured in such publicity materials.

6.2 Guests are permitted to take photographs and recordings within certain areas of The Park, provided that these are solely for private use and are not sold or used for any commercial or public purpose. However, we would ask that when taking photographs or making recordings you are sensitive to other families and children who may not wish to be photographed or recorded.

7.0 Disabled Visitors / Wheelchair Users

7.1 The Park is accessible for disabled visitors and wheelchair users. We have a lift and toilet facilities for people with disabilities.

8.0 Bob the Builder Magazine 

8.1 Bob the Builder magazine 20% discount offer is valid for visits up to and including 31st August 2019. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or already discounted ticket types. 20% discount valid against standard child (aged 1-12) tickets only. 20% discount not valid against adult or baby tickets. All children must always be accompanied by an adult. Maximum 6 children per booking at the discounted rate. Offer must be booked online in advance using the relevant code as publicised in Bob the Builder magazine. 

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